Kaweco is among the oldest brands in the market within their category. For more than 125 years KAWECO pens have been an integral part of the high-class assortments.

Kaweco products are characterised by quality, excellent writing properties, compact design and simple beauty. Since 1883 Kaweco has insistently focused on the thin line between tradition and innovation yet still Kaweco focuses on creating products that have a contemporary relevance.

With the Sport series, in 1935 Kaweco designed the classic octagonal pens. For decades the Sport series have been successful without major changes to the products and due to a unique form and size these pens are still an all time favourite.  With the SKYLINE Sport series Kaweco has created a simple and aesthetic line of pens with silver coloured characteristics – find a selected assortment of Kaweco’s classic writing instruments here.

Our Kaweco products

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