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Korean-based O-Check Design Graphics creates thoughtful, highly original designs, developing a unique and ever-changing collection, characterised by an inherent warmth and a timeless charm.
Known for its design flair, stationery aficionados love O-Checks collection of notebooks, agenda diaries, stamp sets and file folders.
Inspired by travel, books, music, conversation and imagery, the O-Check design team combines a vintage aesthetic with new ideas, which bring designs to life.
Environmentally conscious, O-Check creates many of its products from recycled paper, natural fabrics, wood and soy ink.
By producing products in small batches, we ensure most products in the collection are limited edition, and that the O-Check collection remains fresh and interesting.

O-Check was established in 2000 in Seoul, Korea and quickly developed a reputation for stationery that is both beautiful and functional.
Derived from the Korean word gongcheck, which translates to a book with nothing inside, the name O-Check captures the essence of its notebooks – items which upon creation are empty, but come alive when filled with words, thoughts, feelings and drawings.

Our O-CHECK products

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