In the beginning of June, I spent a couple of weeks in my birth country, South Korea. Besides from eating and overdosing on kimchi, enjoying the nature, watching the people, learning the language, navigating the Seoul subway, memorising the 12-step K-beauty skincare steps, grooving in the noraebang and many more activities…I spent days on exploring stationery shops in Seoul. I may be slightly biased by my Korean roots – however, for the record Seoul is my absolute favourite shopping mekka of all places. This is the place to shop until you drop (which I did…still struggling with red numbers on my bank account).

In my stationery ecstacy, I found so many beautiful products and wonderful shops, which were so inspirational. Next step is to bring some of these stationery babies to whats|the|story  – so stay tuned for more cool Korean goodies 🙂


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